It's Weird

So after two weeks I think I am finally in “the groove” over here in India.  Today we (New Bridge Community Church, NBCC) had the first service at the new facility.  What a wonderful time, the worship was rich and deep, the Lord spoke through several people and the teaching was excellent. 

I was reminded today about how much I miss home as I finally got the blog site set up and published all my works till now.  It is amazing to me that I now live half way around the world.  I never thought growing up that I would live in another country, let alone one so far away.

The church family here has been awesome in making me feel at home.  However, I can’t help but think about how much I miss my friend and family from California today.  Some days the feeling are like a rocket leaving the launching pad, other days they are like a current deep in the ocean.  This morning as I prepared for church, it was the rocket leaving the pad.  The sadness and loneliness exploded into my heart and mind in an instant.

Even some of my new family at church noticed I was a bit off when I arrived there, but they understood. 

I can’t help but think about Wayne Watson’s song “A Season in Your Path”

Heard that friends are friends forever
But we don't talk much anymore
I guess that I've gone my way
And I guess that you've gone yours

Was kindness too neglected
On my list of deep regret?
In spite of distance unexpected
Can we forgive but not forget?

Sometimes I think about you
Some old memories make me cry
Remembering the good times makes me laugh
But all in all I'm richer
For the happy and the sad
And I'm thankful for a season in your path

Too all my friends in California, we had a season of 20 or 30 years together.  Some of you I didn’t even remember to call and say good bye.  Can you please forgive me, when it all came down I had three weeks to try and get everything together. 

I guess we never know the Lord’s timing and if I have learned anything from this experience it’s don’t take any moments for granted.  Each meeting might be your last, so don’t put off meeting with your friends. 

I have always wondered about those lines in the song “Was kindness too neglected, On my list of deep regret? In spite of distance unexpected, Can we forgive but not forget?”  Now I understand all too well the meaning behind them.  So many people I missed time with and forgot to even tell them good bye.

To all of you back in California, thank you for making my life so much richer.  To all my friends in India, I look forward to making your lives richer.

As I look to the future now I really see nothing, everything is uncertain to me. It seems like being lost in the woods at night, you don’t know where you are going to end up, you can barely see the step in front of you. In this case God keeps me moving from one step to the next. 

I know I have a season in India.  I will do my best to make the most of each and every day here.  Funny thing is I don’t know how long or short it will be.  I don’t know where I will go after here.  And where ever I go after here I have no idea how long I will stay. 

It’s weird to me.

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  • miss you too babe.  I will be there soon.  Adventure.  Journey.  On our way.  

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