India runs on Chai - Alva runs on Coffee

So new pic of Redding Rock.  This one is at a table outside of Q-Cafe where we eat lunch every day and where I go with Anil for coffee about 3 times a week.  The cups and the "Chia" shop have a slogan "India Runs on Chai".  However, I most often get coffee, because I "run" on coffee.

If you ever come to India and are a coffee lover like me, bring your own if you can.  Good coffee shops are hard to find and so is good coffee.  There are some Starbucks here, but they are few and far between.

The hotel I say in, Lemon Tree Hotels, has a machine that will make espresso / Americano with the touch of a button or two.  The flavor is good to me as the roast is a bit darker, however for some it may be slightly acidic.  They do provide raw sugar and just a tiny bit, like 1/4 packet smooths out the triple shot Americano I have with breakfast.

If you are every in Hinjawadi I highly recommend you stop by Lemon Tree for a coffee or even spend some nights here.  The staff is very friendly, helpful and a delight to visit with.

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