Grains of Sand

SandIt's the little things that get to you.  You don't notice it.  It pricks in the back of your mind but unless you really stop and take stock of things you never see it.

Things like, should I take my shoes off when I enter this place or not?  Where do I find an aspirin? Where do I get batteries for my mouse? Not having a chip clip.  No napkins at the restaurant. The lack of public restrooms and planing every trip so you don't need one.  Tons of them weighing you down like an overloaded back pack if you stop to think about them all.

Today it was a bag of Black Kismis Raisians and Premia Kharik (dry dates).  Both of them next to impossible to open.  What I wouldn't give for a pair of scissors right at that moment.  Last night it was the stiffness of the bed and the chill I am having. The moving of hotel rooms so they could do repairs in the room I was in (monsoon seepage). I guess my body has not adjusted to the constant barrage of food here or the weather or the noise or the pollution because I am felling quite off.

The little things add up like grains of sand in your shoes from the beach.  You don't notice it much, but after a while it starts to feel uncomfortable when you walk.  You stop, take off a shoe, dump the sand and can't believe the amount.

I guess today was a day of dumping sand.  The stresses of all the little things and big things add up and my body needs a break from it.  Last night I went to bed early and slept late this morning.  Tonight I will do the same.  I am taking a break from the heavy foods and just having some juice and dried fruits.  Hopefully with a couple days I will recover from the stress load and the little things will become like the sand dumped from my shoes at the beach.



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