Norway First Impressions

Now on my third major stop in my around the world journey.   Jeanine and I are in Norway.  We are staying with an online gaming friend.   What a delightful time. 

Norway is beautiful, lush and green this time of year.  Rolling hills and mountains that are covered with a thick carpet of trees.  The land flows into the water ways of rivers and inlets, looking like a scarf of greens and blues tossed onto a bed.  The trees flow like ocean waves breaking into colorful wildflowers, like the foam of the ocean waves, then landing on large farm fields.   Sometimes they splash up to the edge of the roads, then are pushed back by the walls of modernization.  The hills are dotted with homes in mostly in shades of white but with slate and steel, here and there homes in vibrant yellow, red, or green.  Here and there roofs in rich deep blue or rustic reds.

I am certain some of these homes are a hundred years old but they look as though they were built in the last few years.  The streets are lined with tall trees standing watch over the homes.  Shading them from the sun and sheltering them from the wind. 

The weather has been wonderful for Jeanine and myself while we have been here.  We had some rain the first day here, but since then it has been over cast in the morning and clears to a bright sunny warm day in the afternoon.  The air is crisp, clean and fresh.  Even though it is only in the mid 70’s (24c) it feels wonderfully warm.  The night drop into the mid 50’s (13c) and make perfect sleeping weather.

If Disney is the “Happiest place on earth” then Norway is a close second.  The people here are so warm and friendly.  They seem unhurried to embrace life and take each day as it comes.  The streets are full of warmth from the people that seems as though it would hold off the winter cold.

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  • Dad
    Sounds wonderful.  It appears you two are having a great time.  Let us know when you get to India and also give us your address so we can look you up on Google.


    Dad & Jan

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