Wonderful hike in the woods

We took a hike to a double waterfall.  It was absoltely stunning.  I led the four of us on a round about way through the woods (the long way).  I was perfect weather for a hike, it had rained in the morning, but the sun came out for the hike.  Along the trail I took a short break to get a shot of the Redding Rock on a nice old tree stump that was right in line with the trail.  

It was thick mossy woods, feeling like a travel through time and walking with Hansel and Gretel.  I thought that at any moment a troll or witch could pop out of the mossy dampness and scream "who dares to visit my waterfall!".

We had a delightful time walking through the woods, looking at the waterfalls, sitting and talking.  After that we took a drive around Jonsvatnet lake which is the local water supply.

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