Welcome back to India.

Well we left Norway about 10 days back.  What a beautiful country and what a wonderful time we had with our friends there.  The beauty of the mountains that rocket out of the sea with enormous valleys between.  The fjords look as though a giant grabbed two mountains and pulled them apart to find something he lost.  Then left the mountains apart and the great sea poured in.

As you move inland you see vast stretches of farmland fenced by mountains on all sides.  Rolling green everywhere, flat fields lend themselves to rolling hills, the hills grow up into the forests of the mountains.  Such rich beauty.

On our last night there, Jeanine and I celebrated thirty years of being married.  It was a wonderful time with Lailia and Svein-ture.  We had a long leisurely dinner at a small but very nice restaurant.  The food was incredible and the company, well I couldn’t have planned for any better company.  We shared so many laughs through the week and the dinner with them was like a rich creamy desert after a fine meal.

I don’t think I shall ever forget the Floppity-flop-flop (slang for helicopter) and many of the other laughs we shared.  It was a break designed by God as I didn’t realize how little I had been laughing in the last few years.

We landed late in Mumbai, flight was delayed.  From there our good friend Pastor Karan picked us up and took us to a hotel that was about 75 meters from his family’s home.  The next day we shared lunch with Karan, Ester and Karan’s parents and siblings.  Jeanine and I were now in the country we would start to call home.

Later that day we got a car and rode down to Hinjewadi from Mumbai and checked into Lemontree hotel again.  We were at our last stop before we moved into our new home.

In the prior 23 days I had gone through 8 different airports, in 6 different countries, flown 22114 miles and been in the air for 49 hours.  I completely circumnavigated the globe and was exactly one hotel floor above where I had started from.  Here we would reside for 7 days while we waited to get our flat (apartment). 

Seven days later we would move into our flat, beds were delivered in the morning.  In the afternoon we bought sheets, towels and a partial apartment of other stuff.  Jeanine and I arrived with about a backpack full of clothing each.  The flat we moved into had 6 light bulbs and a water heater.  Four crazy days later I am typing this blog entry from an oversize chair while Jeanine listens to a TED talk on her phone.  We just had dinner (cooked in our kitchen) with Grace, a friend from church, sitting at our dining table.

We had so much help from the people I work with here and from NBCC members.  I don’t think there is any way Jeanine and I could have even come close to accomplishing this feat.  I am so much reminded of the scripture we are all members of one body and each body part must function together. (Romans 12:4 and 1 Corinthians 12:12-26).  Our friend Jebastin negotiated so hard on prices for us that we were laughing about it.  Karan translated for us with so many vendors and service men.  At any instant I would call him and say “can you talk to such-an-such vendor, I have no idea what they were asking me”

God has been incredible gracious and now Jeanine and I are HOME.

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