The Lord took me down a path today.

Language has been a strong topic of study.  I have been relocated to a modern day very western India.  Yet in some ways it feels like the day after the tower of Bable.  I am sure this is where the languages of the world were first confused.  And they still are today.  The local language is Marathi.  The educated speak English and Hindi.  All three are necessary to communicate.  And since many relocate here from all parts of India and other countries as well, Telegu, Tamil, and various other languages can be heard as well.    
Even a British commercial on spotify is noticeable.  
The actress pronounced 'tap the banner' as 'bannah'.  She dropped the 'r' completely.
So the letter 'R' has a sound.  You hear it in the word 'carrot'.  Yet, according to British pronunciation, if the 'r' is at the end of the word, don't waste your time pronouncing it.  Our son may remember an Australian pronouncing 'car' as 'cah', when he was 4 years old and learning his American English phonics.  Australian English is the result of British influence.  Indian English is the result of British influence.  Why is one pronunciation of the letter 'r' better than another? 
So how does anyone get to violate the rule of the pronunciation of the letter 'r'?  Is it the golden rule?  He who has the gold, makes the rules?
Yet, this rule is man's rule.  If man/self is in control, than I will get my way.  I will choose how to say things, how to control others.  But Jesus said, the golden rule is to love God and love others.  When I choose Jesus as Lord, and give him first place than I will value others as more valuable than gold, more valuable than my self.  Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind, let each esteem others better than himself.  
Phil 2:3's question. So who is lord of my life?  Which of my actions prove my answer?  Lord, draw me nearer.   

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