God's design

It is a fabulous morning here in Pune.  The monsoon is coming to an end so it was sunny most of last week, yesterday it rained. This morning has a thin overcast layer reaching all the way to the ground that looks as though you could just give it a slight blow and it would be gone.

I awoke early as usual, the beds here are much firmer than the US beds and sleeping doesn’t always go so well for me.  Last night was better, so I must be adjusting at long last. 

The birds were feasting on the fish in the river when I got up.  At least that is how it appears.  There are about one to two hundred of them that hang out on the river near us.  They fly in a semi chaotic random but defined pattern up and down the river.  Then all land in an area and start diving under the water, popping up some 20 to 50 feet later.  Seemly chasing each other in some kind of a weird game of tag or follow the leader.

It is a delight to watch them and marvel at God who so richly designed the planet we live on.  It never ceases to amaze me the design of the creation.  Today I am in awe of God in how these birds move together yet alone.  With seemly no communication a large group of them will all jump up at one time in fly off in the same direction, then the rest in a somewhat systematic pattern will follow.

I am reminded of our uniqueness in Christ and how he calls each one of us to follow Him.  Sometimes a large group will all jump up and go after him, like when Peter preached in Acts chapter 2.  Then others will follow later.  But when you look closer, each one will have their own path to walk, their own struggles to face, in the case of the birds their own fish to find.  All heading the same direction, all moving together, yet moving as an individual.  Not the exact same path, but the same general direction, some bursting ahead, others lagging behind.   But at the end of the day all will be filled.

It is hard for me to express or even understand how much I love it here in Pune.  Maybe it is just because it is so different, maybe it is just because it forces me to be so much closer to the God who raised me from the dead.  I am not sure, but at the end of the day it feels wonderful, like being snuggled into a warm blanket, sitting on the couch with a good cup of coffee on a cold winter’s morning.


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