Morning laundry

Woke this morning, as is my custom here in India, I just woke up.  It was 10 minutes after 7 in the morning.  I pretty much wake up each day somewhere between 10 before to 10 after 7.  It does not seem to matter what time I hit the sack.

As is usual I came and opened up the sliding door and windows in the flat.  In the morning here we get a nice cool breeze, it cools off the flat for most of the day and is very refreshing in the morning.  I sat and read my daily devotional and listen to the rattling of the “pigeon chasing ribbons” on our balcony and the steady, rhythmic “Whomp, Whomp, Whomp” of the people doing laundry down at the river. 

This morning was a usually popular laundry day, almost every piling has someone down on it washing clothing.  All the rocks along the shore had people on them as well.  The constant, almost musical, “Whomp, whomp, whomp” droned on as they steadily beat the clothing on the rocks or base of the dam pillars to clean them.  Rinsing them in the river water after each beating.

Already there were a number of large cloths spread out on the rocks to dry in the yet cool sun of the day.  Later on the sun will get really hot and, I would guess, dry the largest of Sari’s out in just a few minutes.

Off in the distance the farmers worked a couple of fields.  Women in what I could only guess to be a sari picking crops while a tractor drove around another field and worker tossed bags of crops into the wagon. 

I marveled at how the world just keeps moving all the time.  It’s Sunday here, I will be off to church, lunch with some of the folks from church then sports night.  A relaxing day for me, but everywhere there are people busy with the things of life.

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