30 years seems so short

I found this post that I wrote just shortly after Jeanine and I moved into our flat in India.  I guess some how I got distracted by work and such.  


Thirty years seemed so long when we first got married.  Now it has pasted, shortly we will be at 30 years and one month (almost 4 months by the time I post this one).

I can’t tell you where the days, weeks, months and years went specifically.  I can tell you like most people they were valuable and you can’t get them back.   Like most people I have regrets and wish I would have behaved differently or done things differently.  However, I have lots of super good and fond memories.

Like opening a box of 1000 small superballs at our wedding.  Carrying one around for years bouncing it here and there.  Watching our kids grow up playing with them from time to time.  Finding them everywhere when we moved out of our house, even though we had given away most of them.  Now bouncing one in India with my wife.  Funny thing about them is they always seem to come back.  J   For those of you that used to bounce them with Jeanine and me at Michigan Tech you will recognize that reference.

The Lord has used my wife to shape me into His image over the years and still is.  It is a tremendous undeserved blessing.

We have made many friends together and some we still see from time to time others we haven’t seen in years.  I like to think if we got together the friendship would be as though we were never apart. 

I think about things like Virtual Saturday that Jeanine and I used to go to when we first “became an item” and all the friends there. 

John the janitor that cleaned the EE building while we working late or doing homework.

Don and Nancy Janik, Tim Alwart, Pastor Ken Puls some of the first people we met when we moved to California.  Jay and Karin, Bill and Kim who we met shortly after.

Pastor Jeff and Lisa, Peter and Dey from Hope Chapel and Greg from Total Surrender Ministries.  Hundreds of others over the years. 

And now all the new friends in India from those at Lemontree hotel (Nelson, Chitra, Tajel, Nitya, etc) to those at NBCC (Pastor Karan and Ester, Jebastin, Tarang, Grace, Merlin, etc).

Thirty years does not seem like enough time.  Now looking forward in 30 years, Lord willing, I will be approaching 90 years old.    There won’t be enough time to get to know them all well enough or to do all the things we would like to do.  There will be enough time to do exactly what needs to be done and glorify God along the way.   I am reminded that in His few short years of ministry Jesus never ran.

Jeanine and I have 30 years together much more than half my life now.  We have grown in a deep, deep love and respect for one another.  In some ways we have grown so much a like that one of the staff at a Hotel we recently stayed at asked if we were brother and sister. 

Volumes of books couldn’t contain the adventures we have had so far, nor the friendships we have built along the way.  I hope that the next 30 years we have even more adventures, spend more time declaring God’s love to the world around us, encouraging those in Christ to preserve. 

Out of everything, I have to say we have tried to live life and our marriage fully.  So far I think we have done an outstanding job, but that is just my opinion.  When we reach heaven God will hopefully reveal to us the impact we had along the way that we never saw.  Until then may our marriage and lives continue to be used by Him.


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