On the road again

Woke up this morning as the sun was just over the clouds.  It is a beautiful cool morning. I looked at the morning fog that had settled over the land like a large down comforter to keep it warm on the “cold” winter nights here.  The buildings were just starting to emerge from the fog, tops of them showing up like little kids peeking their heads out from over the covers, to see how cold it is.

As we have already cleaned out the fridge, food is almost non-existent in the flat so Jeanine and I are heading to our regular spot of Lemon Tree this morning for breakfast.  There was a half cup of chilled coffee in the refrigerator and enough juice for both of us to have a ½ cup with our vitamins.

It’s kind of weird leaving again.  2018 has been a most “unstable” year home wise.  I have been around the world two times in the last 14 months and travel more than three times around the world in 2018.  What started out as another normal year at home in southern California, turned into one wild adventure.

We made a ton of friends over here and some of them have left for other parts of the world.  We have invitations to visit numerous cities in India, one to London, one to Ireland and a potential to China. 

Today, I think of all the work mates and the fun we had going to lunch; working in knowledge transfer meetings together; looking at flaws in the system and asking “how did that happen?”; going for tea; talking about life, dreams, politics, football, cricket, half-wives (fiances) and generally just having a good time.

I will think about all the friends at NBCC and how much fun we have had.  Our house warming that started at “11:00” and everyone showed up about 12:30 but then most stayed till 10PM.  The worship practices we had over here.  Tea with Jebastin, long talks with Karan about the work the Lord is doing here, camp with Anitha, Tarang, Kevin, Karan, Esther, Aria and all the other churches.  Playing spoons, the card game, like crazy.

Time at Lemon Tree hotels, here in Pune and in Goa.  If you have never had the benefit of visiting a Lemon Tree hotel, then you are missing out.  The company is more than 10 years old and growing like crazy, but they have managed to maintain their company culture.  They focus on teaching and instilling that culture into their employees.  They hire the disabled (which gave Jeanine and I the opportunity to learn some Indian sign language).  Not only that, the hotels are amazingly nice to stay at, comfortable rooms, great food and very reasonable prices.

So many memories, so much fun, such an adventure. 

I feel truly blessed by the Lord as we part from India for now.  Looking forward already to our return.

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