Leaving "Home" again

Well Jeanine and I are about to be on the road again. We went to a rocking good church today called “Overflow”, in the town of our new "home" today.  They had a great time of worship followed by a message on this being the year of “Green Light”.

Jeanine and I totally feel like we have been given the Green Light by the Lord and it is time to GO. I was struggling with it for some time and was pretty certain that was the decision. However, it wasn’t until I actually committed by submitting my resignation from my full time job that I was certain.

It was confirmed again by today’s message. During the message Josh pointed out how we can just do nothing and say we are waiting on the Lord. Sometimes waiting is active and we need to move or do something. Well I guess in my own life God was just waiting for me to jump fully in.

Funny how it seems like I have always been fully in. We (myself and Jeanine, our kids and Hope Chapel) have done so many big and small things to share the love of God with the world and encourage the believers around us. But each time we step out into something new or bigger it feels as though we were never really fully committed.

This time seems like really fully in. We have no source of income, just some promises and dreams. We are cast into a completely new environment, new friends, tons of new faces. Well over the limits of any of our skills or abilities. Fully reliant on God, totally dependent on Him to step in and fill the gaps in our faith.

It is the year of Green lights for Jeanine and I. But then I think God is always waiting for us to GO! As Josh so adeptly pointed out. We just spend too much time concerned about things of this earth and that hampers our going. The Lord talks about it in the scriptures and commands us in the last to “Go make disciples”.  

Now I am back in the consulting business with the "promise" of work from a couple of companies and heading back to India to see what happens there.

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