One more trip done. It is strange how much I used to love to travel and be in new places, but now I just want to rest at home for a while.

I guess too much of a good thing always spoils it, LOL.

We just got back from Wayanad Kerala and a beautiful wedding for a dear friend of ours.
Jeanine and I had a wonderful time touring a new area of India to us.

The road to the hotel where we stayed was 9 hair-pin turns. On the way up I think we saw a dump truck pass another dump truck on each hair-pin turn. Jeanine says not only is it acceptable to for dump trucks to pass on the hair-pin turns, but it is expected.

The road heading up was a very slow go. The trip was only 115KM but took 3.5 hours, just for those of you living in USA this means we averaged just over 20 miles per hour. The drive was phenomenal though, like something out of a story book. We kept climbing higher and higher until you thought you would be higher than the airplanes. Each curve led to another section of road with a steep drop off on one side, where the tops of the trees were the only thing showing at road level. Monkeys jumped down on to the road from the trees on the uphill side only to run and sit on the wall on the downhill side. Some jumped from the wall into the tops of near by trees. Baby monkeys were clinging tightly to the tummies of the mother monkeys as the moms ran along the walls, and jumped from tree to tree. Large dump trucks zoomed by heading down the mountain as though they had forgotten they had breaks and were propelled along by the giant pull of gravity.

At one point we stopped. It was a high up look out point, where there was room on the side of the road for us tourists to park and gawk at the beauty of God’s creation. It was as if you could see all of Kerala on a clear day. However, the travel day we had was slightly overcast so the view was somewhat limited. Still heart-stopping view of the mountains and valleys behind us and down below the windy, twisty road we had climbed to get there.

As we stood there looking I could help but think about people that would rather worship the creation rather than the Creator. And, wasn’t that part of what drove Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Since that time men have been more than willing to be awe struck by the beautiful world around them and to bow down and worship it. Not even bothering to think, this must have been created by someone, maybe I should seek out the creator and worship Him.

We had a lovely time at the hotel there. It was right across the street from a wild life preserve, down the street a few kilometers walk was native villages where the people still lived as they have for the last 100 years or more. The only change being the rare electric light bulb hanging around and I suppose having weird people like us strolling through their villages.

We saw and amazing amount of wild life and as Jeanine said, “It’s the first wedding I have attended where there were Monkeys hanging out.”



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  • wow. just amazing experience, view, and a lovely praise to the Creator... Smile

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