Too much of a good thing

Ahh the travel. Jeanine and I just arrived back “Home” in Hinjewadi after a long season of travel. We went to Los Angeles spent two weeks there with our children. From there we drove to Dallas Texas to our new “home”. We spent one night in Las Cruces New Mexico on the way. What a beautiful place. Once again I am astounded by the beauty of New Mexico.

From Dallas we flew off back to India, short layover in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. We then headed from there to Mumbai, where we got a cab for the three hour journey to Hinjewadi.

We made it to Lemon Tree hotel after about 48 hours of solid traveling. Thank goodness for the hospitality of Lemon Tree, they had our room ready and it was fantastic. They had a small snack there waiting for us and lots of water. After a fantastic night sleep we made our way down to breakfast to greet friends we had not seen in a long time. Breakfast was a delight, fresh cut fruit, Uttapan, chutney, Sombar and coffee.

Not at all recommended! I felt much like I think a kite would after having been swept away by a wind storm and dragged through a forest.

We managed to stay for a week then off to Kerala for a wonderful wedding (I wrote about that here). Then up at 5:00 AM to travel back to Hinjewadi.

Travel in India is no where near the ease of the US. Although the air ports are a bit easier and friendlier here. Car travel is difficult. The top speed (if you can ever get to it) is 80 KPH (about 50 MPH). Most of the trips are spent between 15 and 30 MPH. So this one was three hours to go just over 60 miles.

So 3 hours trip to air port that morning by car. Flight of about 1.5 hours. Car trip from air port to house of about 3.5 hours. Whole day spent on traveling.

After a week in Hinjewadi we started off again. This time Jaipur and Jodhpur, northern India for the first time, Rajasthan. Gorgeous country, but heavy tourist area. No wonder, it is full of Forts, Palaces, and just what you think about when you imagine romantic India. Incredible architecture, women in long flowing saris, men in turbans, camels, elephants, monkeys.

While traveling in Jaipur we saw the palace in the water.  A fort / palace that you could spend a few days just walking around. The guide was very specific "stick close or you could be lost for a while".  We declined to take the elephant ride to the top and took a different walking path instead.   There was a wall around the fort that was some 15K long that you could ride horses on.

After a week there, we were on our first train trip since we first traveled to India in 2004/2005, so much site seeing and a wonderful, wonderful traditional wedding. The wedding was 3 major events that we attended over 4 days. Each one very different from the other. So many colorful outfits, both on the women and the men. So much dancing and celebration.

Then back on air plane and home. This time both air ports were local, but no direct flight. So about 1.5 hours of driving total 4 hours of flying and 2 hours of layover. Some India air ports have this notion of “silent” air ports. We flew though one in Delhi. In silent air ports they don’t call out boarding over the loud speakers, so you have to pay attention. To me it seems a little weird, but the air port seems much nicer with out all those announcements going off constantly.

Back home now time to try and get some order back into life.  Traveling is fun, but so much of it.  I am ready to have some stability in life again.

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