Cricket Time

Yesterday we had the wonderful pleasure of attending our first real Cricket match.

There is an association of hotels here in the Pune area that all work together to solve common problems and enable better training of staff members. The association decided to have a Cricket match between the different hotels, single elimination over three days.

Jeanine and I went to see our favorite hotel (Lemon Tree Pune, Hinjewadi) in our favorite hotel chain (Lemon Tree) play their initial match.

It started the day prior with me reading the basics of cricket. However, it was not very helpful as a thing like “a team is allowed 10 wickets” were very unclear. I knew a wicket was the three sticks in the ground behind the guy swinging the “bat”. I assumed a “wicket” was like an “out” in base ball, but wasn’t certain. There were a host of other terms I didn’t understand either. Like “the bowler”; Did we just switch to an indoor sport from an outdoor sport!??

So many terms to learn:

  • Last Man Standing
  • Short fine leg
  • Fly slip
  • Gully
  • Cover
  • Cover point

Square third man as opposed to Short third man as opposed to Third Man as opposed to Deep third man and Fine third man (I would much rather be the Fine one than the Short or Square one).
Problem is, I could never find a First or Second man?!?

Ahh well, tried to figure out the basics. Someone throws the ball towards the guy with a bat (there are two of them on the field, but only one gets pitched to), they guy with the bat try’s to hit the ball before it hits the sticks behind him. If someone catches the ball after it is hit but before it touches the ground, it’s a good thing for the fielding team. Batters run from one end to the other. But if it’s a really long hit they walk to the center and touch bats, then walk back to their starting point.

I am pretty certain if they don’t touch bats then the play doesn’t count. Hehehe

 It was a lot of fun to watch the pitching and hitting, much different and seemingly harder than base ball because the pitcher is allowed to bounce the ball prior to it getting to the batter.

Lemon Tree team played hard and made some excellent hits and catches. It was a wonderful match with lots of cheering and exciting plays. Seemed much more lively than base ball. Jeanine and I had time with the Lemon Tree team and the staff that was watching the game. It was so much fun to see the enthusiasm and joy of playing. It was wonderful to see the camaraderie among the players and the rest of the staff and management that was watching the game.

I have to say many businesses could learn a lot about how employees work as a team by visiting the Lemon Tree in Hinjewadi and not just when they are playing Cricket.

 Hats off to a wonderful group of people, a fun time, and one of the best teams I have ever seen in action.

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